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Visual Design for the LMS E10 System


Syntrio LMS E10, is an LMS with an easy-to-use, yet customizable, visual design system.  Because Syntrio LMS E10 is built on modern web architecture, the LMS is designed to be viewed on any computer, laptop, and most tablets.

The visual interface consists of three elements:


  1. Themes – these are the color palette choices available to your organization.  There are 8 standard themes:



2. The second visual element, is the top logo, and the name for the site, or the BANNER for the site.  The logo is normally 170 X 60, and the site name can be up to 40 characters long.

3. The third visual element, is what can be called “free” areas.  The whole of the login screen can be filled in, exactly how you would like.  Syntrio LMS E10 utilizes a WSYWIG editor, allowing images, bullet points, tables, etc, so it is simple for any organization to create a look and feel, that matches your environment.


Syntrio Recommendation:  The recommendation for clients, is to mock up a design based on the above elements.  As part of the setup process, Syntrio can review the document, and then will show the tool, and work through the initial visual design, in conjunction with the client.

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