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Overview of Student View


The student view of the Learning Management System allows you to quickly and easily view:

  • The catalog of courses available to you
  • Any current In-Progress training that you may be currently taking
  • Your transcript, to see what you’ve completed, as well as any certificates for course completions
  • Your Inbox, for any communications from the Learning Management System

To access different areas:

Catalog – To look for the courses available to you, easiest to click on the large Catalog button, in the far-middle right.  You can also use the universal search, at the top right of the screen, to input any particular training search, in order to find a particular course or course.

In-Progress Training – To view what training you are actively involved in (either in an online course, requesting/enrolled in a class, or requesting something from the resource library), you can click on the In-Progress link on the left side, or click on the In-Progress button, circled in red, in the image above.

Transcript – To view the transcript, click the Transcript on the left side menu, or click the Blue-Teal icon, shown in the image above.

Inbox – To access your Inbox on the LMS, which will show you messages from the LMS, such as training assignments, enrollments, etc – click on Inbox on the left side menu, or next to the catalog at the top right, you can also access the Inbox. NOTE:  As seen in the image shown above, if there is an unread message, you can see this in red, along with the number of unread messages.

Overview of Student View

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