Fostering Greater Workplace
Health and Safety

Our courses:

• Provide an overview of occupational health and safety issues for the general workplace, including office environments.
• Address your organization’s commitment to workplace health and safety.
• Teach all employees ways to help maintain a healthy and safe workplace.
• Reflect on best practices outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

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Workplace Health & Safety Training Course Series

A fundamental expectation for employees is workplace health
and safety – that they can perform their job without concern
about injury, illness, amputation or even death. And that their
workplace meets OSHA and other health and safety standards.
But health and safety remain a concern in many workplaces.
Employees may not feel safe as they witness work-related
near misses, injuries and illnesses. Federal and state
governments require workplaces to safeguard employees’
health and safety. Even more, a workplace cannot expect to
receive the best from its workforce if it does not show concern
for employees’ health and safety.


How can an organization keep employees healthy and safe
and instill a culture committed to these objectives?
With a health and safety training program designed to:

  • Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to a healthy and safe workplace
  • Communicate your health and safety policies and resources
  • Inform employees of key risks that could undermine a health and safety culture
  • Strengthen and encourage each person’s duty to promote health and safety
  • Actively demonstrate and promote health and safety in the workplace.
Syntrio Health and Safety Learning & Compliance Training Courses


Chemical Hazard Communication

Defensive Driving
Hazardous Materials Transportation: Classification
Hazardous Materials Transportation: General Awareness
Hazardous Materials Transportation: Loading and Unloading
Hazardous Materials Transportation: Marking, Labeling, and Placarding
Hazardous Materials Transportation: Packaging
Hazardous Materials Transportation: Shipping Papers
DOT: Marking, Labeling, and Placarding Conduct
DOT: Loading and Unloading

HIPAA and Patient Care: Foundation
HIPAA and Patient Care: Foundation Overview
HIPAA and Patient Care: Introduction
HIPAA and Patient Care: Protected Health Information
HIPAA and Patient Care: The Privacy Rule
HIPAA and Patient Care: The Security Rule
HIPAA and Patient Care: The Breach Notification Rule
HIPAA Essentials: Foundation
HIPAA Essentials: Foundation Overview
HIPAA Essentials: Protected Health Information
HIPAA Essentials: The Privacy Rule
HIPAA Essentials: The Breach Notification Rule

Confined Spaces
Hazardous Energy Control
Powered Industrial Truck Safety (Forklift Safety)
(PPE Training) Personal Protective Equipment: Foot
(PPE Training) Personal Protective Equipment: General Awareness
(PPE Training) Personal Protective Equipment: Hand & Arm Protection
(PPE Training) Personal Protective Equipment: Head Protection
(PPE Training) Personal Protective Equipment: Eye & Face
Back Injury Prevention
HAZCOM: What’s New with OSHA?
OSHA TOOLBOX: HAZCOM – Labeling Protocol
OSHA TOOLBOX: HAZCOM – Material Safety Data Sheet
OSHA TOOLBOX: HAZCOM – What You Need to Know

Health and Safety at Work: General
Health and Safety at Work: General and Industrial WorkplaceManaging Workplace Health & Safety
Hazardous Energy Control
COVID-19 and Return to Work
Electrical Safety Awareness
Ergonet: A Training Guide for Healthy Office Work
Fall Protection
Fire Extinguisher Safety
Hearing Conversation: Protecting Yourself from Hearing Loss
Introduction to Accident Investigation
Ladder Safety
Managing Workplace Safety and Health
Preventing Workplace Violence
Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention
Respiratory Protection
Workplace Intruder: Smart Preparation for Personal Safety
A Manager’s Guide to Safety in the Workplace
Create an Ergonomic Workstation
Ergonomic Risk Factors
Ergonomics for Managers
Stretching in the Workplace
Understanding Ergonomic Design
Warehouse Ergonomics
Recognize Eye. Strain
Reduce Eye Strain
Safety Toolbox: What You Need to Know About Emergency Exits
Safety Toolbox: Driving in Poor Conditions
Safety Toolbox: Driving Defensively
Safety Toolbox: The Safe Use of Aerial Lifts
Workplace Violence Prevention in California

Health and Safety at Work - General Workplace

Introducing Syntrio’s

Health and Safety at Work Series

Health and Safety at Work: General Workplace Foundation | 17 min.

This course addresses such issues as:

• Health and safety communication
• Managing workplace hazards
• Accident reporting and investigations
• Repetitive stress and strain
• Back injury
• At-risk work areas

• Slips, trips, and falls
• Bloodborne pathogens exposure
• Mental health
• Workplace violence
• Emergency planning and response

Health and Safety at Work General and Industrial Workplace

Health and Safety at Work: General and Industrial Workplace Foundation | 29 min.

This courses addresses the above, as well as such issues as:

• Personal protective equipment
• Environmental risks
• Material handling and ergonomics
• Energy and electrical safety

• Toxic and hazardous materials
• Working from heights
• Powered industrial trucks
• Confined spaces

Related Training

• Managing Workplace Health and Safety (for Managers)
• Workplace Intruder: Smart Preparation for Personal Safety
• Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention
• Defensive Driving
• Personal Protective Equipment: General Preparation

Training Features

Modular: Foundation courses comprise discrete modules; most topics include microlearning versions.
Engagement Focused: Training garners learners’ attention and interest through interactive functionality and multi-media rich and contemporary visual design.
Learning-Centric: Learning centers around concepts and principles, uses situation-based, experiential learning approaches, balances risk-based and affirmative contexts, and promotes more outstanding learner competencies.
Dynamic Construction: Built-in HTML5 responsive design for computer desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, is accessibility compliant (meets US 508 and WCAG 2 standards) and is available in SCORM and AICC configurations.

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