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Leading and Motivating with
Persuasive Speaking

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How can you grow and rally a supportive audience to promote and accomplish a mission or project?

It can be difficult to get everyone’s buy-in and enthusiasm while communicating clear and attainable goals and each person’s role in attaining them.

Without a well-prepared plan and convincing presentation, even the best ideas may not take hold and grow.

Inspire and motivate your audience to understand the problem you describe and implement the solution you present.

Use persuasive speaking with a workforce to communicate common
goals and how to reach them, or to identify common problems and
explain how best to work together to solve them.

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Introducing Syntrio’s

Persuasive Speaking Series | Training

Help your employees, particularly your leaders, gain skills and confidence to present their ideas
in a way that increases buy-in and builds a strong coalition.

Learners will understand how to:
• Clarify the reason for a talk, arguments to support it (including data, research, and anecdotes), and the call to action.
• Select a format and structure for the presentation that helps engage the listeners and guide them toward the desired action.
• Examine the importance of researching the audience and venue to tailor the presentation for optimum results.
• Analyze how to use words, body language, and audio/visual presentation aids to amplify and clarify the message and compel the audience to action.

Syntrio - Building Skills new course - Persuasive Speaking

Persuasive Speaking | Foundation | 40 min

This training explores important elements to engage, persuade, or motivate an audience. Speaking persuasively is easier and more effective if you understand the purpose of your presentation, the goals you are trying to reach through it, as well as the goals of the audience. In this course, you will learn how to craft a talk that communicates your message by coupling your words with gestures, inflection, and visuals to make them more effective.

Syntrio - Building Skills new course - Preparing for Persuasive Speaking

Preparing for Persuasive Speaking  | Focus Module 1 | 13 min

This training describes how to prepare for persuasive speaking by determining your talk’s scope, purpose, and format. You must also understand your audience’s demographics, goals, and motivations to tailor your presentation. You must pinpoint your message and its supporting arguments, then deliver it authentically to demonstrate your expertise and credibility and build rapport with the listeners.

Syntrio- Business Skills course - Writing A Persuasive Presentation

Writing a Persuasive Presentation | Focus Module 2 | 14 min

This training explains how to apply order and structure to a persuasive talk using tried-and-true models, including Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. A strong opening, arguments supported by data, relevant anecdotes, and personal stories, a call to action, and a closing must be balanced with brevity. This training details how to increase engagement and buy-in from your audience through techniques supported by research and proven results.

Syntrio - Building Skills course - Delivering a Persuasive Message

Delivering a Persuasive Message | Focus Module 3 | 14 min

This training provides guidance for delivering your message with an engaging voice and gestures while maintaining good eye contact and convincing body language. It explains how to address performance anxiety and use presentation aids effectively. PowerPoint and other audio/video enhancements can amplify and clarify your message, but if poorly designed, they could confuse and distract your audience and detract from your message. You must adapt your body language and any audio/video support to your venue, so it’s important to confirm and research it early in your preparations.

Combine the above courses with other Syntrio titles for a robust curriculum:

Authentic, Influential Leadership | Successful Negotiation | Sell for Success
The Negotiation Process | Are You Really Listening?

Authentic, Influential Leadership

This course describes time-honored, reality-tested leadership principles and actions based upon valuing people, inspiring them to follow a compelling vision, and leading them by example with integrity. Leaders inspire rather than force, and they respect the skills and dignity of their colleagues.

Syntrio Business Skills Compliance Training - Authentic, Influential Leadership

Successful Negotiation

This training presents the principles for reaching acceptable agreements and improving business relationships. The various negotiation methods presented can help resolve conflicts ranging from interfamily squabbles to international diplomacy. The training focuses on four principles: people, interests, criteria, and options. Essential steps in negotiating include preparation and planning, definition and ground rules, clarification and justification, bargaining and problem-solving, and closure and implementation.

Syntrio - Business Skills Training Courseware - Successful Negotiation

Sell for Success

This course explores the steps and techniques within each step to become a successful salesperson in any sales setting.

Syntrio - Business Skills - Sell for Success Course

The Negotiation Process

This training explains how active listening, establishing a BATNA, and controlling the flow of information can help you achieve more successful results during negotiations.

Syntrio - Business Skills Training Courseware - The Negotiation Process

Are You Really Listening?

Effective listening is a significant part of the communication process. Communication cannot take place until and unless a message is heard and retained thoroughly and positively by the recipient. Developing effective listening skills helps to improve productivity and interpersonal relationship at work. In this course, you will learn how to improve your listening, listen to others while remaining empathic and non-judgmental, and follow a speaker’s points. You also will learn how to overcome your listening blocks and respond appropriately to others.

Syntrio - Business Skills Training - Are you really Listening?

Syntrio Training Features

Modular: Foundation courses are comprised of modules; most topics include microlearning versions.
Engagement Focused: Training garners learners’ attention and interest through interactive functionality and multimedia-rich and contemporary visual design.
Learning-Centric: Learning centers around concepts and principles; use situation-based, experiential learning approaches; balances risk-based and affirmative context; and promotes greater learner competencies.
Dynamic Construction: Courses are built in HTML5 responsive design for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Accessibility compliant (US 508 and WCAG 2 standards). Available in SCORM and AICC configurations

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