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Reporting Hotline Center for Existing Customers

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Operators are Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Help With Your Secure, High-Value, Comprehensive Whistleblower Reporting Hotline.

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Whether you are an existing Syntrio Enterprise Hotline (formerly ClearView Connects) or a Syntrio Standard Hotline (formerly Lighthouse Services) Hotline Customer, Syntrio provides confidential, 24-hour reporting services. This enables companies of all sizes to maintain an ethical workplace and address fraud, abuse, regulatory violations, and other inappropriate behavior.

Please feel free to SUBMIT a REPORT, CHECK REPORT STATUS, and use CUSTOMER Login.

You can reach out HERE and speak to our operators if you need further assistance.

We are dedicated to providing you with quality, customer-focused service. At Syntrio, we don’t just provide you with a hotline service and develop customized solutions that fit your business needs.


Reporting Center

Support for EXISTING Hotline Customers

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