New York Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

Recent legislation enacted in 2018 and 2019, along with updated guidance from both New York State in October 2019 and New York City in January 2020, have expanded sexual harassment prevention training requirements. These changes impact a wider range of organizations, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive training to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

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NY State-Mandated and NY City Mandated Municipal Training Requirements

In 2018, New York State and New York City passed separate laws requiring sexual harassment prevention training. This change was the catalyst for wholesale changes to existing training laws, as well as the impetus for a new set of legislation in multiple states. Read More…

What type of organization must provide training?  All types of organizations are subject to the New York State and City laws and must provide training. 
What is the minimum number of employees for training to be required? 

The New York State law does not set a minimum number of employees but under the New York City law any employer with 15 or more employees is subject to the training requirement. 

Because the State law supersedes the City law, all New York employees must receive training. 

How frequently must training be conducted?   Training must be conducted on an annual basis. 
How soon must training be conducted?   Training must be conducted as soon as possible after commencement of employment. 
What segments of the workforce must receive training? 
  • Managers, supervisors and employees (including temporary, part-time, and seasonal employees). 
  • Government contractors who provide goods and services to New York. 
  • Under New York City law independent contractors must also be trained. 
  • Also, under New York City law, any employees located anywhere must be trained if they have contact with New York City. 
What is the minimum duration of training?   No minimum time requirement exists under New York State or City law. 
What records must be kept following training? 
  • State law encourages employers to retain records of the training. 
  • City law requires employers to retain a signed acknowledgment that training was actually completed. 
What are potential penalties for failing to conduct training?   Monetary fines begin at $100 and increase from there. 
What are the mandatory content requirements under New York law? 

Training must be interactive. Training must contain: 

  • A detailed explanation of what constitutes sexual harassment at work (both City and State definitions); 
  • Examples of conduct that constitutes sexual harassment (under the unique approach taken by New York City); 
  • Information on the illegality of retaliation and examples of protected activity under the law; 
  • Information on bystander intervention, including information on how to engage in bystander intervention; 
  • Information on the duties specific to supervisors with respect to the prevention of sexual harassment; 
  • Information on the remedies available to victims; 
  • Information about employees’ rights to adjudicate complaints of sexual harassment, both administratively and judicially, and the forums in which to do so; and 
  • Contact information for equal employment opportunity agencies. 
Are there any additional training elements required by New York law?   When training is web-based, employees must be able to submit a question and receive an answer in a “timely manner.” 
Are there any policy or posting requirements under New York law? 
  • Yes. Employers are required to provide employees in New York a written notice of sexual harassment prevention. 
  • This document must be provided at the time of hire and during annual harassment training. 
  • The notice must include: 
  • The employer’s sexual harassment prevention policy; and 
  • The information and materials presented in the harassment training program. 
  • The policy and notification must be provided in English and the language the employee identifies as his or her primary language. 
  • Employers are also required to post their sexual harassment policy “prominently in work locations” and to provide a copy to employees at the time of hire. 
  • Under New York City law, employees must post a copy of the NYC sexual harassment poster and “Fact Sheet” and provide the Fact Sheet at the time of hire. 

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