Illinois Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

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Illinois State-Mandated Training Requirements

In 2019 Illinois joined the growing list of states that require employers operating within the state to provide employees with sexual harassment prevention training. Illinois recognized the specific problems stemming from the restaurant and bar industry and became the first state to require all employees working within those industries to take specific training on the issues that can occur while working in a restaurant or bar. 

What type of organization must provide training?   All public and private organizations must provide training to their entire workforce.
What is the minimum number of employees for training to be required?  Any organization with one or more employees must provide sexual harassment prevention training.
How frequently must training be conducted?   Under Illinois law, training must be conducted annually.
How soon must training be conducted?  Although early versions of the law would have required employees to receive training within six months of commencement of employment, the Illinois Department of Human Rights (“IDHR”) later said training must be conducted “as soon as possible” after hire.
What segments of the workforce must receive training?
  • Illinois requires training all temporary and seasonal employees, as well as interns. Training is recommended for independent contractors but not required by the law.
  • The IDHR recommends that all employees receive training, even if they were trained at a prior employer.
  • All employees who work or will work in Illinois should be trained. This means that even employees based outside of Illinois who will interact with Illinois employees should receive Illinois training.
What is the minimum duration of training?   Illinois has not set a minimum time requirement for its training programs.
What records must be kept following training? 

Employers must keep records of all training including:

  • A certificate of completion;
  • A signed employee acknowledgment; and
  • An employee sign-in sheet (electronic records are acceptable) Illinois law is silent on how long training records must be maintained.
What are potential penalties for failing to conduct training?   Failure to train is a violation of the Illinois Human Rights Act and is punishable in increasing fines up to $5,000 per violation.
What are the mandatory content requirements under Illinois law? 

Illinois employers are required to provide training containing (at a minimum) the following elements:

  • An explanation of sexual harassment;
  • Examples of conduct that constitutes unlawful sexual harassment;
  • A summary of state and federal statutory provisions, including remedies available to victims; and
  • A summary of the responsibilities of employers for prevention, investigation, and corrective measures of sexual harassment.
Are there any additional training elements required by Illinois law?  For those employers in the restaurant and bar industry, a special program must be provided that uses examples and terminology aimed at the restaurant and bar industry. 
Are there any policy or posting requirements under Illinois law? 
  • Illinois law requires all employers to post (in a conspicuous location) a poster entitled “You Have the Right to be Free from Job Discrimination and Sexual Harassment.” 
  • The poster is available for download from the Illinois Department of Human Rights website. 
  • All restaurants, bars and hotels in the State of Illinois must also establish, distribute and post a written policy on sexual harassment prevention. 

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