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Checklist Before Launching the Site

There are different levels of launching a new Syntrio E10 site.  As with any site, with lots of different moving parts, it is best to launch to a pilot group, in order to get some feedback.  This allows you to then tweak the site, with any improvements, before launching to all.

Here is a checklist of things to go over, before launching an E10 site

1. Look and Feel

  • Is the site logo and banner correct, and match the marketing specifications wished for the site?
  • Are the themes and colors what is wished for?
  • Are the announcements what you wish them to be?
  • Have you produced a quick walkthrough of your site, either in PowerPoint or as a short video, to show the process of logging on and finding the most important materials?
  • Are the Site Configurations correct, in terms of labels, and contact information?

2. User Information

  • Have the users been loaded on the site?
  • Have a few reports been run, to make sure that the user list is accurate?
  • Do all the organizational structures that are wished to be tracked (things like Office, Region, department, job title, job group, etc), are these included in the user file, and in each individual user?
  • Have any user groups been created, and have administrators been assigned to those user groups?
  • Have the correct roles beyond students, been assigned to all the people who will need additional permissions in the system?

3. Syntrio Courseware

  • Are the Syntrio courses that are being implemented, available on the site?
  • Is the custom content for each Syntrio course, complete, and checked in the course?
  • Have a group of user-reviewed an example course, for any comments?

4. Your organization’s online courseware

  • Have all the categories been loaded?
  • Have all the sub-categories been loaded?
  • Have any Course Access Groups been created?
  • Have any quick click courses, that point to either a document, a video, file, etc, been checked?
  • Have any created tests, been reviewed?
  • Have all courses had the additional information fields that are tracked – course description, title, hours, credits, etc – been entered for every course?
  • Have all courses been put in their proper Course Access group or groups?

5. Instructor-Led Courses

  • Have the classroom resources (locations, rooms, instructors, and the classes they are qualified for) been loaded?
  • Have all the In-person courses been loaded, and the classes that you wish to have on the schedule loaded?
  • Have all the webinar-based courses been loaded, and the classes that you wish to have on the schedule been loaded?
  • Have you checked the cycle of requesting a class, receiving the email, and then completing that class, and viewing the email?  Are the emails constructed as you wish?
  • Please load up an example for a pilot group.

6. Training Plans

  • Have all required training plans been created with the correct courses and deadlines?
  • Have all recommended training plans been created, with the correct courses?
  • Have the correct target audiences been identified, for training plans?
  • Has a schedule been determined, in terms of assigning training plans to the right audience?
  • Please cycle through to a pilot audience, an example training assignment, to view and alter the email, as needed.

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