You will need to merge users if, for some reason, there is an existing user with has ended up with either an employee id that exists in the system but is no longer the correct ID or what was entered incorrectly.  While you could delete that information, the user may have very important SAFETY or COMPLIANCE RECORDS, that your organization wants to hold on to for reporting purposes.  This is how you do this.

To start with, please verify you have both the correct unique ID as an ACTIVE user in the system, and the incorrect ID (but that has history) as an ARCHIVED user in the system. When you have done so, follow the steps below:

  1. Record on a notepad, electric or otherwise, the unique ID of the ACTIVE user record, and the unique ID of the ARCHIVED user record.
  2. Click Users on the Left Side panel, and then as the Sub-Menu drops down, choose Merge Users.