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All About Managers

One of the USER FIELDS that are available for your site, is the ‘manager’ field.

The manager field allows for the following functionality:

  • The ability to sort via users who are supervisors/managers, in reporting/or records – or any of the sort criteria:


  • This will allow a manager who logs in and is TAGGED as the manager of an employee, to view automatically, his own employees, and then run reports for their employees.

  • If any course, has MANAGER APPROVAL set to Default Manager, that email approval request would be routed to the manager, which could then approve or deny access to the course.
  • To make someone a manager, you would give them the manager role, by Editing the User.
  • To make sure an employee is tagged as the manager, you go to that employee record, edit the user, and choose from the manager dropdown, that manager.

NOTE:  This can also be handled in the user file, with the supemployeenum column – where the supervisor’s unique ID, is entered for that row’s employee, supemployeenum column.

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