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How To Delete A Training Assignment From a Student That is No Longer Needed


There are times that you will need to delete a training assignment, that is no longer needed.

This article will tell you how to do this.

To start with, you go to the user’s record, and here is the path:

  1. Click on Records
  2. Click on Search and Update Records
  3. Find the user you need to delete the training assignment from, by name, email, etc, and click Search:


4. Click on the blue link for that user:nother training plan


5. Once done, click on the Training Plans Tab:


6. You should see a list of the training plan assigned.  To the far right is a trash can icon, that will allow you to delete this training plan.



7. Once deleted, go to the Search and Update Records along the top.

8. Then you can reassign this user, to a

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