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Using Custom Content in Syntrio Courseware


One of the great benefits of Syntrio courseware is that your organization is receiving an off-the-shelf course with a vast amount of expertise both in the content and the instructional design of the online course.  You are also able to insert necessary, or useful, information that is needed for specific compliance training.

Typical fields that are available for compliance-related courses:

  • Introductory Message on 1st page of the course (optional)
  • Contact person’s email address for questions on the course (optional)
  • Your Organization’s Policy (i.e. Preventing Workplace Harassment, Code of Conduct, Discrimination, etc.), You may send as a PDF, if you wish.
  • The name of your policy.  Examples:  Preventing Harassment Policy, Code of Ethics
  • SCORING OPTIONS:  R”, “S”, “P”, or “C”. “R” will allow users to retry quizzes until a passing grade is achieved and record completion when passed based on mastery score. “S” will score the quiz and record the actual score and grade based on mastery score, “P” for a forced perfect score, i.e., 100%, “C” for completion only, no score.
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Please send the above information to the Syntrio Customer Success Center to guide us in customizing your online course(s) for your organization.

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