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Having problems receiving or sending emails through LMS. What could be happening?

As an application cloud provider, emails are a very useful and integral part of utilizing the LMS system, in order to communicate with your users, on a large variety of topics.

Some of these topics include:

  • Training Assignments and curriculums
  • Login information
  • Completions and evaluations on a course
  • Course requests
  • Class Information (enterprise only)

However, as this is coming from a cloud system, strict email systems, sometimes relegate these to spam.  This can be based on content analysis  (As an example, Preventing Sexual Harassment training, though about minimizing and eliminating harassment in the workplace, still has the word ‘sexual’ or ‘harass’ in it, which can trigger spam filters.) If this is happening regularly, one solution is to make sure that the Syntrio mail domain is whitelisted, either at your computer or at the organization’s mail system.  The Syntrio email domain is:

Other reasons why emails may not go through:

  • The user does not have an email address.  Check the user’s profile, make sure there is an email address.
  • Training Assignment assigned, may have been assigned previously.  The system won’t send out an email for the same assignment, that is assigned, to the same person.

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