No Tracking

This type of delivery allows you to quickly add any online resource on the organization’s intranet or the internet that is useful for your users – and there is no need to track your users’ access. This is an excellent way to group useful documents for your organization.

1) Add the document to your Catalog, where it will live with your online courses:

– Go to Catalog / Search and Manage Catalog

– Choose + Add Course, then complete each of the following fields:

  • Delivery Type: Online / Manually
  • Add a Course ID (or description) and a Title for your document or presentation.
  • Tracking Mode: No Tracking
  • Training Format: Other (*or create a new training format option – see below)
  • To add a new training format category, select Catalog / Training Formats.
  • Select + Add, then assign a name for your new training type. Hit Add.

2)  From the Edit tab:

–  Add content to the Abstract section.
(This will describe the purpose of providing this document to your users.)

–  If using a document saved to the LMS, return to the tab containing the HTML link to your document (refer to initial Step 1) and copy the URL.

–  Paste the copied URL (or URL to your online link) into the Launch URL field.

–  Add an approximation of minutes for time spent on the material under Duration.

–  Then Save.