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How To Create Catalog Access Groups


The feature catalog access groups are how the LMS can deliver one section of courses and content to one group, and another set of courses and content to another group.  

To get to Catalog Group settings, do the following:

Click on Catalog|Catalog Access Groups,  Up will come the existing catalog access groups.  At the top left, you can click on Add, which will bring up the creation of the catalog group.

catalog access group.png

To the right of Catalog Access Group, type in the new name of the group.  In the example above is typed “Manager Courses”.  At the bottom, is selected the role, “Manager”.  So what has been created, is a grouping of all managers, who can now be granted access to management courses, that may be inappropriate for the general population of users to view in their catalog.  Once you choose the field of the group, then click update.

To then add courses to that group for viewing, check the box for that group, and then click on Actions in the upper left, and Tie Course to Access Groups.

add courses to access group.png

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