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Building Ethical Cultures and Ensuring Compliance with Syntrio’s Code of Conduct Training

Building Ethical Cultures and Ensuring Compliance with Syntrio’s Code of Conduct Training

How Code of Conduct Training Works

Why Code of Conduct Training is Critical

As we’ve seen, every organization must train its employees on its code of conduct. A code of conduct outlines the principles, values, and ethical standards employees are expected to uphold while working for the organization. So, every organization needs to train employees on its code of conduct.

To begin, by training employees on the code of conduct, the organization can ensure that everyone understands what is expected of them and that they are aware of the consequences of violating the code.

Effective training can help employees understand the importance of the code of conduct and its role in shaping the organization’s culture. It can also guide how to handle situations where there may be a conflict between the code of conduct and other interests.

Additionally, training on the code of conduct can help mitigate the organization’s legal and reputational risks. By ensuring that employees know the standards and expectations, the organization can demonstrate that it has taken steps to prevent and address misconduct.

Overall, training on the code of conduct is an important part of promoting an organization’s culture of ethics and integrity.

Regulators Expect Organizations to Train on Their Codes of Conduct

Regulators may require or strongly recommend that organizations in certain industries, such as finance, healthcare, and government services, maintain a code of conduct and train employees on the code. This is because these industries are highly regulated and significantly impact the public. It includes:

  • Publicly traded companies
  • Organizations seeking to avoid criminal misconduct
  • Healthcare-related organizations
  • US government contractors
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Federal Trade Commission

Training on a code of conduct can help employees understand the expectations for organizational behavior and actions, identify potential conflicts of interest, and prevent misconduct. It can also help organizations demonstrate to regulators that they are taking steps to promote ethical and responsible conduct and prevent misconduct.

In some cases, failure to provide training on a code of conduct or failure to comply with the code of conduct can result in fines, legal action, or other penalties from regulators. Therefore, organizations and their employees need to take the code of conduct training seriously and ensure that every employee understands the code that governs their conduct.

How Often Should Employees be Trained?

The frequency of training employees on an organization’s code of conduct may depend on various factors, such as the organization’s size, the complexity of the code of conduct, and the industry in which the organization operates.

We recommend that employees be trained on the code of conduct at least once a year. This can help ensure that all employees clearly understand the organization’s policies and standards and can reduce the risk of compliance violations. Also, it’s important to ensure that all employees know of any updates or changes to the code of conduct and have the knowledge and resources they need to comply with the organization’s standards.

In addition to annual training, organizations may also want to consider training new hires during the onboarding process and offering refresher training as needed.

Navigating the Complexities of Code of Conduct Compliance: How Syntrio Can Help

A Code of Conduct is essential for managing operations and ensuring success for many organizations. Naturally, code of conduct training becomes vital in promoting the code of conduct and its value to the organization.

Let us team with you to evaluate how your code of conduct training can meet your organization’s specific needs and help your employees to learn the best benefits and behaviors from their effort.

Syntrio Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Training Courses

For more information about Syntrio’s Code of Conduct Training and other online training courses.

Syntrio’s Code of Conduct Training is a comprehensive and customizable solution designed to address your organization’s specific compliance needs. Here are a few reasons why Syntrio’s Code of Conduct Training is the solution: 

  1. Expertise: Syntrio has over 20 years of experience delivering compliance training programs. Their team of subject matter experts and instructional designers create engaging and effective training content tailored to meet each organization’s unique needs. 
  2. Customization: Syntrio’s training content is customizable to reflect your organization’s specific policies, procedures, and culture. This allows your employees to see real-world examples and scenarios relevant to their daily work. 
  3. Flexibility: Syntrio’s training programs are available in various formats, including e-learning, webinars, and classroom-based training. This lets you choose the best format for your organization’s needs and budget. 
  4. Coverage: Syntrio’s Code of Conduct Training covers many compliance topics, including anti-harassment, data privacy, workplace safety, and more. This comprehensive coverage ensures employees are trained to understand and comply with your organization’s policies. 
  5. Tracking and Reporting: Syntrio’s learning management system (LMS) allows you to track and report your employees’ training progress. This helps you ensure that all employees have completed the necessary training and that your organization meets its compliance obligations. 

Overall, Syntrio’s Code of Conduct Training is a solution that provides comprehensive coverage of compliance topics and is customizable, flexible, and easy to track and report. Using Syntrio’s training programs, you can help ensure that your employees are aware of your organization’s policies and are equipped to follow them, reducing the risk of compliance violations and legal penalties. 


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  4. FlexCode” by Syntrio: Catalog

Jason has worked in ethics and compliance for over twenty-five years, consulting with Fortune 500™ companies across the business ethics and compliance spectrum, including assessing and strengthening corporate values initiatives, instituting leadership engagement efforts, developing and revising codes of conduct and policies, designing and implementing related procedures, developing monitoring systems, conducting risk, culture and program assessments.

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