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Syntrio Announces Free Training Courses to Help Those Working Remotely

Syntrio has released its new Working Remotely training suite. They are offering two of the courses for free to all organizations and individuals to assist in navigating a “new normal” for the workforce.

As most groups we have spoken with in the past few days have implemented plans for their employees to work remotely we understood that this can lead to a dispersed workforce, strained communications channels and even more distractions to your operations. As a company, Syntrio remains committed to helping leaders carry the organizational values and culture to their employees regardless of where the team is physically located.

Remote working is a new experience for much of the country. Syntrio chose two of the most pertinent topic areas to release, completely free of charge for the coming months, to assist organizations and individuals facing the remote work challenge.

In its course, Supervising Remote Employees, managers who may be new to both working remotely and managing remote employees, learn tips for maximizing the productivity of their remote employees through effective oversight.

Additionally, Syntrio released another free course, Work Habits for Remote Workers, where all employees can learn the work habits used by successful remote workers.

By offering the training courses through an HTML URL, employers can quickly and easily share the content with their workforce to increase productivity as quickly as possible.

We are confident that these new courses will help those that are now working remotely for the first time, as well as those that may be new to managing team members in a virtual environment.

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