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It’s Time for Change!

It’s Time for Change!

Like everyone in America – even worldwide – Syntrio and Lighthouse Services have been humbled by recent racial injustice and inequality protests.

We see and hear protestors’ stories, their pain, exhaustion, and sense of futility—and yet the hope for change.

As a society, our collective promise and aspirations have been to build a community that fosters justice, promotes equality, and offers a better life for everyone no matter their background. And it’s been too long in coming.

This discourse needs to rise to a higher level—including action. By everyone. For without a significant and sustained commitment, real change cannot occur.

It’s time for change—long overdue.  We’ve seen enough of racism demonstrated through ignorance, passivity, meanness, and even brutality.

For over twenty years, Syntrio and Lighthouse Services have provided compliance solutions to help foster workplace cultures of respect and civility. But clearly, we can and should do more. We now stand committed to educating ourselves further about institutional racism, discrimination, and harmful assumptions that victimize too many of our fellow citizens.

We, too, have further to go to achieve our goal. That goal includes, in part, providing our customers with more and better solutions to promote institutional justice and equality so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their best, unfettered by improper biases and other hurtful behaviors.

Over the next few weeks, we will make available to our customers and other interested parties complimentary short videos for their workforces that address #BlackLivesMatter and other marginalized groups. We want to help push for the change needed to promote social justice and equality and contribute to fair and prosperous workplaces.

We are committed to doing our part.

Jason has worked in ethics and compliance for over twenty-five years, consulting with Fortune 500™ companies across the business ethics and compliance spectrum, including assessing and strengthening corporate values initiatives, instituting leadership engagement efforts, developing and revising codes of conduct and policies, designing and implementing related procedures, developing monitoring systems, conducting risk, culture and program assessments.

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