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Free Virus Prevention Training Video

We are pleased to release our free Virus Prevention video, explicitly highlighting how to keep employees safe from COVID-19.

Read the official press release here.

Conflicting information comes from various sources every minute of every day, making things challenging and scary for everyone.  At this critical period, we were ALL concerned about health and safety and knew we needed to do our part to keep employees, their families, businesses, and communities safe.

We released this free COVID-19 Virus Prevention video to highlight the precautions individuals can take to avoid contracting and transmitting the virus.  By providing the defined steps to stay safe, the video helps viewers gain control in what can feel like an uncontrollable environment.

By providing the video in mp4 format and  through an HTML URL, employers can easily share the content with their employees in a variety of ways, whether via email, intranet, display monitors around the workplace or showing during meetings virtually.

As organizations around the world began rapidly adapting to combat COVID-19 coronavirus, we recognized it was dramatically impacting individuals, organizations, governments and the entire global economy and hope that this free Virus Prevention video can ease some of the worry associated with this unprecedented time.

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