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Syntrio’s interactive course, U.S. Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Training, is designed to educate employees and managers on recognizing and appropriately responding to workplace harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and other forms of misconduct. The course promotes positive behavior and decision-making through engaging bite-sized episodes and interactive, live-action videos.

One of the notable features of this course is its compliance with federal, state, and city regulations. It aligns with the requirements of various jurisdictions, including California (CA), Connecticut (CT), Delaware (DE), Illinois (IL), Maine (ME), New York (NY), New York City (NYC), and Washington (WA). For organizations operating in Chicago, Syntrio offers the US Workplace Harassment for  Chicago and the Bystander Awareness and Intervention for Chicago Course. These courses assist organizations in meeting the city’s annual training mandates, which include one hour of sexual harassment training for employees and two hours for managers and supervisors, effective July 1, 2022. Additionally, organizations can consist of their policy document or utilize the standard policy provided within the course.

Syntrio’s U.S. Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Training interactive course equips employees and managers with the necessary knowledge and skills to address and prevent workplace misconduct. With its focus on positive behavior and decision-making, the course ensures participants are prepared to create a respectful and inclusive work environment. Compliance with federal, state, and city regulations, including tailored editions for Chicago, makes Syntrio an ideal choice for organizations seeking effective and comprehensive training solutions.

Prevent Harassment and Discrimination in Your Workplace

Syntrio’s vibrant new employment law training courses fully comply with mandatory harassment training requirements in all states and municipalities that have enacted legislation. 

  • Experienced: Developing workplace harassment training since 2002.
  • Compliant: Complies with all relevant U.S. regulatory requirements, including abusive conduct and updates; a course timer ensures learners meet the minimum training time 
  • Engaging: Engages learners with short, live-action stories and practical exercises. 
  • Comprehensive: Addresses all required topics plus contemporary issues – workplace relationships, bystander intervention, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 
  • Flexibility: Versions for managers (2 hrs) and non-managers (1 hr); other versions that incorporate U.S. state training for easier deployment for multi-state businesses. 
  • Industries: Six industry verticals, including office/general, healthcare, industrial, hospitality, retail, and higher education. 


"When I looked at Syntrio's offerings, I was very impressed. During my evaluation, I also engaged some colleagues throughout our region to look at the Syntrio curriculum. My colleagues were equally impressed, so the decision was made to move forward with Syntrio."
Patricia Leonard HartwellDirector of Corporate HR, B. Braun Medical,
"With Syntrio Flexcode, we can easily switch topics from year to Year with out starting from scratch."
Sarah G. LynnChief Ethics and Compliance Officer and Head of Corporate Legal, Perspecta,
"Thanks to the extensive selection and quality of Syntrio's courses, we know that we will have the training curriculum needed to continue to make Swarovski Optik North America the best place to work for our employees."
Chris PorrazzoSenior HR and Risk Specialist, Swarovski Optik,
Syntrio Compliance Training Course - U.S .Workplace Harassment

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