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Syntrio Engage: Employee Experience Platform


Creating a highly engaged culture requires a commitment to raising employee awareness that supports organizational values of trust and inclusivity. The heart of our unique program is a suite of communication tools, resources, and real-time analytics.

Syntrio Burst encourages employees to seek guidance and raise concerns about questionable or improper conduct that can increase the organization’s risk and weaken morale and engagement.

Syntrio Pulse orients managers to their essential role in listening to employees and responding to their concerns, which is a vital competency.

Syntrio Core provides real-time insights about culture and employee experience to promote a culture of openness, trust, and inclusion.

Syntrio Learning takes your culture and performance even further with six online libraries, 1,000+ courses, micro-learning videos, and blended learning options.

Syntrio Engage provides complete visibility and actionable data points to improve, monitor, and promote your cultural imperatives. Engage becomes a window into your organization’s culture with leading indicators about areas that require your attention and unique growth opportunities.

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