State of Employee Hotlines & Experience Platforms


We’re at a turning point.

How do we build strong and sustainable cultures that consistently drive the innovation, customer service, and overall performance we need to compete today?

Syntrio research finds the rise of the global pandemic and megatrends such as leveraging contingent and part-time workers in the gig economy, embracing the ascent of the millennial generation, and the accelerating speed of digital commerce has presented severe challenges to organizations focused on building their cultures and becoming employers of choice. Syntrio analyzed 27,000 anonymous hotline reports from nearly 6,000 organizations in critical industries such as healthcare, not-for-profit, financial services, technology, and manufacturing.

Highlights from the 2022 edition of this benchmark report include:

  • Hotlines are used by companies with a wide range of demographics across all regions, industries, and sizes, from small to large enterprises and government services.
  • Hotlines improve the upside and protect the downside by increasing employee engagement and business performance and protecting against the growing trend toward more giant legal suits and settlements.
  • Hotlines securely capture and retain data and information, adhering to best practices for ethics investigation procedures, and providing closed-loop report handling to ensure important details are not overlooked, and audit trails are maintained.
  • Employee Experience Platforms have emerged as the new generation, providing complete visibility into workforces and issues affecting organizations and leading to more sustainable and continuous performance.

Learn more from industry experts about how the newest generation of Whistleblower Hotlines and Employee Experience Platforms have converged to create a modern suite of communications resources that encourages all employees to speak up and managers to listen in our on-demand webinar.

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