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Syntrio Healthcare Collection


Healthcare organizations face unique challenges regarding organizational culture, risk, and compliance. The vital patient-centered mission and major life-sustaining focus of the work can heighten the stakes when problems arise that may affect a compliant, affirmative, and high-performing workplace.

Every healthcare organization needs to promote clear policies and provide employee training to promote a firm commitment to a civil and respectful culture that leads to better performance. In addition, the increasing regulatory focus on critical areas such as HIPAA and fraud, waste, and abuse heightens the need to foster a “speak up” culture.

More than 1,000 healthcare and related industry organizations trust Syntrio for their eLearning and employee hotline services to nurture their compliant, affirmative, speak up, and listen up cultures. Syntrio is the easy, high-value, and innovative partner to help your team become the organization you aspire it to be.

The Syntrio Healthcare Collection is specially curated from our experience working across the healthcare industry for the past twenty years. It’s a smart selection of foundational and microlearning options to address your everyday needs.

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