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Driving Performance with Your Speak Up Culture

Recorded Webinar

Our world is buzzing about how Speak Upcultures and Civil and Respectful Workplaces empower employees and unleash better performance. Innovative leaders are proactive about building high-performance cultures, which lead to better results – one organization, one culture, one person at a time.

This webinar presents critical insights about innovative approaches to providing digital awareness, cultural benchmarking and employee communication through easy and affordable solutions that include whistleblower hotlines and web reporting, digital suggestion boxes, employee surveys, microlearning and communication tools, and exit interviews.

Join industry practitioners Casey Ohst and Patrick Cooper who will discuss:

  • Recent industry research from two leading organizations.
  • How to proactively address trends toward larger legal settlements and lawsuits that damage brands and hurt business.
  • Industry best practices and case studies for transforming your culture from being fearful about external drivers to thriving with aspirational trust.
  • How real-time employee feedback and learning systems provide complete visibility and digital awareness.

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