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Creating a Civil and Respectful Workplace

Recorded Webinar

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), rather than dwelling on legal standards, organizations should focus on the words and actions that promote respect and fairness, and everyone’s responsibilities for contributing to respect in the workplace.

The subject area is evolving with changing societal standards, legal and regulatory developments, and an increased understanding of the relationship between social issues in the workplace and the value of such initiatives to virtually everyone.

This webinar presents facts about the many dimensions of a Civil and Respectful Workplace that are integral parts of organizational culture and success. Join our Employment Law, DE&I and Ethics & Compliance experts who will address:

• What makes a civil and respectful workplace
• The issues and societal changes that brought us here
• How bias factors into workplace civility and respect
• Recent research studies and why it all matters
• Coaching advice for managers and leaders
• Workplace challenges and how to move ahead

We look forward to exploring how a civil and respectful program will strengthen your workplace initiatives.

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