Compliance, Uninterrupted: Connecting Your Ethics, Policy, and Compliance Management


Eliminate the blind spots in your enterprise risk and workforce management with comprehensive policy, confidential and anonymous reporting, and compliance training resources to leverage greater organizational success.

It’s concerning enough that nearly half of office workers have reported dealing with some form of workplace misconduct throughout their careers — but factor in that nearly 20% never report it? Some studies have this figure much higher. And that costs associated with misconduct (and workforce turnover) total upwards of £1.9 billion and $20 billion a year in the U.K. and U.S., respectively? Moreover, what is a company not hearing about that, if it did, could help it to avoid risks and so better pursue its business objectives?

Companies can no longer afford to leave blind spots in their risk and compliance strategy and program. To resolve the challenges, policy management, hotline reporting and employee training must be coordinated, continuous, and constantly improving.

It’s a tall order — which is why our policy management, hotline and training experts sat down to discuss:

  1. Why policy management, confidential/anonymous reporting hotlines, and employee training are quickly becoming the three core tenets of a robust ethics and compliance strategy
  2. How a combined and coordinated solution can deliver a more comprehensive strategy for your risk and compliance (featuring a quick-fire walkthrough from our experts and live Q&A).
  3. How to establish a culture of continuous improvement with your approach

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