Syntrio Releases Workplace Harassment eLearning Course for Canadian Workforces

Canada Harassment and Violence at Work is a modern new offering for all organizations with Canadian workforces

Deerfield, IL, September 12, 2022 – Syntrio, a global leader in governance, risk, compliance, and human resource solutions that help more than 6,000 organizations make the workplace a better place announced the availability of a modern new eLearning course that addresses Ontario Bill 168 requirements and other federal and provincial legislation.

Workplace harassment, workplace sexual harassment, and workplace violence awareness have significantly increased in recent years. Organizations understand the value of preventing behavior detrimental to workplace culture, and legislation has responded to these needs.

Canadian federal and provincial legislation places significant obligations on many employers. These regulations require employees and other people working within an organization to receive regular training on workplace harassment policies and other means of preventing workplace harassment, workplace sexual harassment, and workplace violence.

Importantly, this brand-new foundation course addresses workplace harassment and workplace violence, including domestic violence. It includes a module for managers and supervisors and is available in Canadian English and Canadian French. This single course includes the recommended and required material for educating a Canadian workforce on the important topic of harassment.

To foster a successful and affirmative culture, Canada Harassment and Violence at Work may be paired with other popular titles from Syntrio’s vast Employment Law and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion eLearning libraries. Popular titles include A Civil and Respectful Workplace, Workplace Harassment and Bullying, Preventing Workplace Violence, and Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

“Syntrio began providing harassment training over twenty years ago, and we’re excited about this new offering. We’ve engaged with leading Canadian law experts and structured the modules to meet specific Canadian requirements and aspirations,” said Jonathan Gonzalez, Senior Legal Counsel, Syntrio. “Market feedback has been positive because the offering addresses the needs of all organizations conducting business in Canada.”

To produce an impactful course that’s effective for all employees and managers in Canada, Syntrio’s employment law expert Jonathan Gonzalez partnered with Canadian employment lawyer Deanah Shelley of the global HR law firm Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark. This ensured the course would feature the latest terminology, address the recommended and required materials, and allow customization.

Canada Harassment and Violence at Work explains what constitutes workplace harassment and workplace violence as defined in Ontario Bill 168 and other applicable provincial legislation. It provides distinctions between general workplace harassment and sexual harassment, including that which involves an abuse of power. It also addresses requirements for reporting harassment and violence and avoiding reprisals against individuals who raise concerns.

Syntrio’s employment law courses are designed to meet mandatory training requirements, from regulatory compliance guidelines, landmark cases and federal sentencing guidelines to applicable federal, state and provincial regulations. While the important topic of harassment and violence at work is a cornerstone of this library, the complete curriculum includes unique training for a broad range of topics from compensation and benefits to recruiting, discrimination and retaliation.

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