Syntrio Releases the Industry’s Most Innovative Employee Experience Platform to Provide Organizations with Complete Visibility and Awareness for the Modern Workplace

Syntrio Engage is a modern suite of communications resources that encourage all employees to Speak Up and managers to Listen Up

Deerfield, IL, November 15, 2021 – After spending the past year working closely with customers and analyzing the workforce impact of COVID-19, Syntrio announced the availability of Syntrio Engage.

The new employee experience platform harnesses the power of global workforces by providing real-time employee feedback to help organizations reach new levels of employee engagement, which leads to a culture of sustainable performance.

“I could not be more excited about the Engage launch, which is a direct response to our customers asking us to help them be more proactive as they elevate employee feedback and development in post-COVID hybrid work environments,” said Thomas O’Keefe, CEO, Syntrio. “Together, we’re making the workplace a better place.”

This novel offering consolidates for customers their on-platform learning and employee feedback to proactively understand views about company culture, DE&I, and overall compliance initiatives. The platform further powers new forms of engagement the first of which is the AwarenessU program, a 16-part series that simultaneously refreshes critical concepts while pulsing all employees on how they are feeling about their work community.

“Syntrio continues to reimagine the future of workplace cultures and is pioneering the employee experience marketplace,” said Michael Morrissey, managing principal, Inverness Graham. “As a customer and owner, our leadership team is excited about the new platform and overall market investment opportunity.”

Engage is tech-enabled and easy to use. It delivers remarkable cultural transparency – complete visibility and awareness – and tells a real story of how passionate leaders are embracing employee feedback to create dynamic and sustainable, civil, and respectful workplaces.

Creating a highly engaged culture requires a commitment to raising employee awareness that supports organizational values of trust and inclusivity. The heart of this unique platform is a suite of communication tools and resources and real-time analytics:

  • Syntrio Burst enriches organizational cultures with AwarenessU, communication tools, and engagement campaigns that educate employees and reinforce key topics that are important to a customer’s mission, vision, values, and objectives.
  • Syntrio Pulse continuously and rhythmically gathers feedback from teams on how they’re doing about important ethics, compliance, and cultural topics. Dynamic pulses provide real-time feedback and enable leaders to assess the state of their culture with a smart blend of always-on employee hotlines, web reporting, and case management, digital suggestion boxes, cultural engagement, and pulse surveys, and exit interviews.
  • Syntrio Core powers the platform by consolidating employee experience data into useful dashboards and reports to identify issues and trends. It’s a single pane of glass for managers to understand employee feedback.
  • Syntrio Learning takes organizational culture and performance even further with six online libraries, 1,000+ courses, microlearning videos and blended learning options. These libraries represent critical areas that support the need to establish a culture of performance and compliance.

“We were especially impressed with how up-to-date the content is within Syntrio’s libraries. Everything is relevant. Not only to our company’s needs but to current events as well,” said Katie Neal, Employee Experience Manager, Freeman.

Syntrio Engage provides complete visibility and actionable data points to improve, monitor, and promote cultural imperatives. Engage becomes a window into an organization’s culture with leading indicators about areas that require attention as well as unique growth opportunities.

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About Syntrio

Syntrio is a global leader in governance, risk, compliance and human resource solutions that help 6,000 organizations make the workplace a better place – one organization, one culture, one person at a time. Easy, affordable and innovative Syntrio solutions include a robust employee experience platform and reporting hotline and more than 1,000 eLearning courses in Employment Law, Ethics and Compliance, Diversity and Inclusion, Health and Safety, Business Skills, and Cybersecurity. For more information visit


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