Syntrio Releases New Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training

Creative and interactive instructional design promotes compliant and affirmative workplace cultures

Deerfield, IL, June 12, 2023 – Syntrio, a global leader in governance, risk, compliance, and human resource solutions, announced the release of new employment law courses that fully comply with mandatory harassment training requirements in states and municipalities that have enacted legislation.

“Our number one goal is keeping customers compliant with state laws and regulations,” said Thomas O’Keefe, President and CEO, Syntrio. “These dynamic new courses ensure organizations meet legal requirements while engaging employees in highly creative and interactive ways.”

Syntrio’s employment law and harassment library is designed to meet mandatory training requirements, official recommendations from state and local governments, industry-specific requirements, and harassment training needs and goals of all companies in the United States and abroad. Courses in the library have incorporated guidance from agencies charged with enforcing equal employment opportunity laws, such as the EEOC and other federal and state regulations.

The complete curriculum includes a wide range of instruction related to workplace harassment and discrimination, bystander awareness and intervention, civility and respect, conflict resolution, diversity, equity and inclusion, and workplace relationships. The library also includes courses and communication tools to empower employees and managers to speak up about concerns and listen when a complaint is received.

Following are the highlights of Syntrio’s announcement:

Comply with Federal and State Training Requirements

Syntrio courses are developed by experienced employment law attorneys who specialize in important areas such as harassment, discrimination and bystander intervention. The company keeps abreast of laws, regulations and cultural trends so customers can relax and remain compliant.

Choose from Required State, Multi-State, and Industry Versions

Customers can find everything they need in one complete library. Manager and non-manager versions for mandatory states and multi-states, learner selection versions for easy administration, and office, healthcare, industrial, and hospitality versions.

Interact with an Affirmative Tone and Conversational Style

Syntrio’s creative instructional designers include short segments, exercises, and interactive screens that engage learners. Always aspirational and constructive in tone, the conversational narration and style promote rapid learning and is easy to understand and retain.

Engage with Video Scenarios on Current and Emerging Issues

Cinematic-quality video scenarios and an engaging host guide learners through emerging issues such as online harassment, harassment outside of work, bystander awareness and intervention, diversity, equity and inclusion, and associational discrimination.

“We enable our customers to comply with state laws and regulations while building and sustaining a respectful workplace,” said Jason Lunday, Chief Learning Officer, Syntrio. “Employees appreciate the cinematic-quality videos and interactive instruction, scenarios, and exercises to strengthen their learning – all delivered with an affirmative tone and a conversational style.”

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About Syntrio

Syntrio is a global leader in governance, risk, compliance and human resource solutions that help more than 6,000 organizations make the workplace a better place. Syntrio solutions include a comprehensive ethics reporting hotline and case management system, and seven modern training libraries in Employment Law and Harassment, Ethics and Compliance, Diversity and Inclusion, Health and Safety, Business Skills, Cybersecurity, and Hotline Learning.

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