Syntrio Releases New eLearning Series for Employment Discrimination Prevention

Modern training courses address employee concerns and help create healthy workplace cultures.

Deerfield, IL, June 27, 2022 – Syntrio, a global leader in governance, risk, compliance, and human resource solutions that help more than 6,000 organizations make the workplace a better place announced the release of new eLearning options for preventing employment discrimination.

Despite years of legislation, regulation, legal cases, and other actions against employers, employment discrimination remains a significant concern among workplace employees. In fiscal 2021, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received 61,331 charges of discrimination. This number is far too high, as are the $350 million in monetary benefits collected by the agency on behalf of alleged discrimination victims.

Legislators and regulatory enforcement agencies have identified employee training as vital to an effective compliance program. It is also critical to establish an affirmative defense in the event a charge is raised.

“Something needs to be done, and the eyes of the government are squarely focusing on eradicating all forms of harassment and discrimination from the workplace,” said Jonathan Gonzalez, Senior Legal Counsel, Syntrio. “This means organizations of all sizes need to expand their educational focus toward improving their workplace culture, and a significant aspect of improvement comes from showing employees that discrimination will not be tolerated.”

Syntrio’s perspective is that building a healthy workplace culture is essential to creating a high-performance culture where employees are highly engaged, demonstrate competency in their work, and successfully collaborate for greater efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation.

As a result, a modern new series has been added to Syntrio’s extensive employment law library to help organizations recognize and address employment discrimination in the workplace. The series also covers US laws related to employment discrimination and addresses reasonable accommodations for individuals with specific protected characteristics. Following are the new micro and foundational learning titles:

– Employment Discrimination: Maintaining a Fair Workplace (2)
– Employment Discrimination: Sex
– Employment Discrimination: Race, Color, and National Origin
– Employment Discrimination: Religion
– Employment Discrimination: Age
– Employment Discrimination: Disability
– Employment Discrimination: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Syntrio has made significant investments in its workplace culture model, and a prominent aspect of its philosophy revolves around empowering employees to speak up regarding concerns. Part of speaking up involves understanding when to do so, and all employers need to set aside training time for their employees because doing so is mutually beneficial.

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Syntrio is a global leader in governance, risk, compliance, and human resource solutions that help more than 6,000 organizations make the workplace a better place – one organization, one culture, one person at a time. Easy, affordable, and innovative Syntrio solutions include a robust employee experience platform and reporting hotline and more than 1,000 eLearning courses in Employment Law & Harassment, Ethics & Compliance, Diversity & Inclusion, Health and Safety, Business Skills, and Cybersecurity. For more information, visit

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