Syntrio Releases New Diversity, Equity and Inclusion eLearning Offering

Innovative program builds trust and inclusion for organizations of all sizes and industries

Deerfield, IL, April 11, 2022 – Syntrio, a global leader in governance, risk, compliance, and human resource solutions that help more than 6,000 organizations make the workplace a better place announced the release of innovative new diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) eLearning offerings.

Syntrio’s DE&I program communicates organizational values and fosters a commitment to inclusive, ethical, and respectful business practices, and the curriculum recognizes DE&I as a tremendous source of strength when organizations leverage differences to their advantage. The announcement features a new Syntrio FlexCourse offering and two new series that build upon more than 500 assets from communication tools to micro and foundational learning.

“DE&I represents a tremendous source of strength if we learn to use our differences to our advantage,” said Jason Lunday, Chief Learning Officer, Syntrio. “By tying diversity to business strategy, we inevitably increase performance, innovation, and customer satisfaction.”

Diverse and inclusive strategies can have a positive impact on organizational cultures when they are supported by leaders who are transparent with their workforce and the marketplace. Team members will be increasingly engaged by positive changes and organizations will attract more employees and customers.

“What we love about Syntrio is we can offer different ways of learning DE&I. Everyone learns differently and we have the best chance for success when DE&I is reinforced in multiple ways,” said Patricia Hartwell, Director of Corporate HR, B. Braun. “When I looked at Syntrio’s offerings, I was very impressed. It is clear that DE&I is at the heart of what the company provides.”

Syntrio’s multi-library curriculum includes hundreds of titles that promote, support, and strengthen a diverse and inclusive workplace. It is designed to enable all organizations along their journey, whether the focus is enlisting leadership in a new DE&I launch, relaunching an initiative, or engaging a workforce through a broad-based training and communications program.

Syntrio FlexCourse includes a modular structure that permits you to tailor a course to your specific needs while eliminating the time and expense of a custom course. FlexCourse is highly configurable and you can leverage dozens of Syntrio modules to engage employees and encourage continuous growth and feedback. Two new series have also been released with this announcement: Introduction to Workplace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Speak Up / Listen Up.

“Diversity is more than recognizing differences between race and gender and there is a significant gap between ‘valuing diversity’ and having the appropriate skills to collaborate effectively in a group of diverse people,” said Thomas O’Keefe, President and CEO, Syntrio. “We need to acknowledge our differences and practice inclusion, drawing on different cultures, talents, and ideas to create a more respectful and productive workplace for all.”

This announcement follows the release of Syntrio Engage, the new employee experience platform that harnesses the power of global workforces by providing real-time employee feedback to help organizations reach new levels of employee engagement. Creating a highly engaged culture requires a commitment to raising employee awareness that supports organizational values of trust and inclusivity, and the heart of this platform is a suite of communication tools and resources, learning libraries, and real-time analytics.

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Syntrio is a global leader in governance, risk, compliance, and human resource solutions that help 6,000 organizations make the workplace a better place – one organization, one culture, one person at a time. Easy, affordable, and innovative Syntrio solutions include a robust employee experience platform and reporting hotline and more than 1,000 eLearning courses in Employment Law & Harassment, Ethics & Compliance, Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Safety, Business Skills, and Cybersecurity. For more information visit

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