New Mitratech eLearning Series Empowers Government Contractors with Tailored Compliance Training

Comprehensive courses to explore U.S. Government expectations, compliance imperatives in Government contracting, practical application of regulations, and employee responsibilities

Austin, TX (March 26, 2024) – Mitratech today unveiled a new eLearning series designed specifically for government contractors and their subcontractors. Aligning with both federal and state requirements, the courses are tailored to meet the unique ethics and compliance mandates under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) for all government contracts, regardless of size or duration. 

“Government contractors are entrusted with a high degree of responsibility,” said Mike Williams, CEO of Mitratech. “Navigating complex regulations and maintaining a distributed workforce can make upholding ethical and compliance standards challenging. This series empowers employees with the knowledge to make informed decisions that safeguard the integrity of government contracting and ensure peace of mind for all parties involved.”

Along with many state counterparts, the U.S. Government continues to mandate or recommend specific compliance training to ensure ethical conduct and adherence to regulations. This training equips employees to handle the complexities of their roles as they relate to these shifting government expectations, essential compliance topics in government contracting, regulation application, and specific employee responsibilities in upholding compliance.

Key Course Coverage Areas Include: 

  • Understanding legal and regulatory requirements for government contractors
  • Applying relevant policies and procedures within their organization
  • Identifying and addressing potential compliance issues
  • Knowing when and how to seek guidance or raise concerns
  • Utilizing available resources for support

Course Titles in This eLearning Series Include:

  • Government Contractor Code of Conduct
  • A Drug-Free Workplace for Government Contractors
  • Affirmative Action Programs for Government Contractors
  • Data Privacy for Government Contractors
  • Combating Trafficking in Persons for Government Contractors
  • Human Trafficking Fundamentals (US Government Contractors)
  • Reasonable Accommodations with Government Contractors

This new course offering is a valuable compliance complement to Mitratech’s solution for the Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP), which is also a critical requirement for all federal contractors. 

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