Legal developments in recent years have made proactive business ethics and code of conduct training a necessity. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines (FSGs) and various statutes (e.g. SOX, FAR) require frequent and comprehensive training on workplace ethics and ethical business conduct. Just having a Code of Conduct is NOT enough!

Our highly customizable online courses explain the core concepts of business ethics and allows organizations to present and highlight their Codes of Ethics and/or Business Conduct. In the code of conduct training, employees are presented with customizable scenarios that require them to apply “the code” and determine the “right” course of action, fostering understanding of ethical decision making and knowledge of specific standards of conduct.


U.S. Workplace Harassment

U.S. Workplace Harassment Brochure A Respectful Workplace: Addressing and Preventing Harassment Syntrio’s Workplace Harassment Prevention courses build upon the success of our popular harassment curriculum. They are reinforcing an affirmative workplace culture around respectful conduct and addressing changing laws and regulations, including state training requirements and case law. Recent updates provide a positive approach to [...]

Essential Guide to Harassment Prevention

Essential Guide to Preventing Workplace Harassment Whitepaper Despite a high number of harassment reports filed with administrative agencies, many employees complain about the inability of most preventive training to hold learner attention. As a result, these employees are skeptical of the effectiveness of training in changing workplace culture, reducing lawsuits or both. Further, many employers [...]

Harassment Prevention: Where Do We Go From Here?

Harassment Prevention: Where Do We Go From Here? Recorded Webinar In the past year, we’ve seen an unprecedented array of headlines and news stories about #MeToo, BLM, SCOTUS LGBTQ+, Violence Against Asian-Americans, Sexual Harassment, Cancel Culture and Social Media Influence. Harassment prevention for your organization embodies a level of competency for building and sustaining the [...]

Harassment Prevention Training Requirements: U.S.

Harassment Prevention Training Requirements in the U.S and U.S Territories Whitepaper Sexual harassment awareness has increased greatly in recent years. No longer are people willing to idly stand by while misconduct occurs. In response, state, district, and territorial legislatures enacted sweeping laws and recommendations that place significant obligations on many employers. These laws require employees, [...]

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Survey of Online Comments Demonstrates Problems with Online Sexual Harassment Training

Does your training program focus on empathy? At Syntrio, we strive to improve the user experience for employees who are members of organizations utilizing online training to facilitate their compliance and/or cultural improvement programs. Part of that effort involves surveying social media platforms to analyze user comments and concerns about various forms of online training [...]

New Study Reveals Skilled Labour a Hotbed for Sexual Harassment in Canada

Does your company have a toxic workplace culture? A March 8, 2024, CBC report detailed the findings of a recent study conducted by the YWCA of Halifax. The study highlights rampant sexual harassment in trade unions in Nova Scotia (and throughout greater Canada). This report is unsettling as more Canadian organizations seek to keep their [...]

Maryland Legislature’s Harassment Prevention Efforts Having Positive Impact

Harassment Prevention Reforms are Creating a Positive Impact! According to a report by nonpartisan/nonprofit news outlet Maryland Matters, legislative reforms passed in late 2018 have had a positive impact on the Maryland General Assembly. A law passed that year (at the height of public scrutiny over public figure harassment) included mandatory training for all lawmakers [...]

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