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State of Employee Hotlines & Experience Platforms

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The competitive landscape is challenging across all industries, and leaders often hear their employees asking these questions to improve performance. Management wants answers, especially in increasingly virtual work environments. They need reliable information about the vibrancy of their workforces and ways to improve their odds of attracting and retaining top talent and achieving successful financial outcomes. 

Highlights from the 2024 edition of this benchmark report include:

  • AI is on the rise: Artificial intelligence will have a major impact when used as a tool in conjunction with human judgment to analyze hotline data and identify trends.
  • Listening matters: Managers are improving at listening to and responding to employee concerns raised through hotlines, but there is still room for improvement.
  • Multi-channel reporting: Employees prefer various reporting options for hotlines, including telephone, website, and email, and preferences vary by industry.
  • Beyond compliance: The benefits of hotlines extend far beyond compliance and are now being used for more strategic purposes, such as improving company culture and mitigating risks.
  • Hotline use is increasing: Hotline tips are trending upward across all industries, indicating that employees feel more comfortable speaking up about concerns.

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