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Streamline Investigations, Minimize Oversight, Ensure Diligence, and Audit Trail Clarity.

  • 24-Hour, Anonymous and Compliant Ethics Hotline Reporting
  • Advanced Analytics Dashboard
  • Customizable Case Management System
  • Seven Reporting Methods
  • Auto-assign Functions

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Accurately Identify, Assess, Mitigate, and Monitor Risk with the Industry-Leading HR Case Management Software for Reporting Hotlines

What is a Case Incident Management System?

Human resource (HR) case and incident management systems – commonly known as CMS – serve as the foundation of your compliance hotline and ethical reporting system by efficiently handling, tracking, and resolving employee relations matters confidently.

These CMS standardize and automate HR processes to support various incident types, ranging from harassment and discrimination to fraud and safety, as well as capturing positive suggestions for topics such as reducing expenses, enhancing safety, increasing revenue, and enhancing overall performance.

CMS often aids employees, human resources, ethics and compliance teams, and investigators in reporting, reviewing, reacting to, and resolving problems. They contain particular characteristics that:

  • Facilitate confidential interactions and communication between intake reports and organizations
  • Assist in the creation of automated and optimized workflows
  • Deliver reports and dashboards for trend tracking and audit help

Syntrio Hotline case management system facilitates quick and secure two-way communications secure, allowing a reporting party to communicate information anonymously with your business. This enables you and your employees to report, review, respond, and resolve cases safely and securely.

The Four R’s of Case and Incident Management Systems

Syntrio CMS - the 4 R's of case and incident management

Features & Benefits

24-hour Access

We are ready for calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our reporters are available whenever your employees need us.

Flexible Contact Options

Our comprehensive service includes web, fax, mail, email, text, and toll-free 1-800 live telephone service, plus an app. Employees can choose from any of our seven contact methods.

Quick Implementation

One business day setup requires minimal customer involvement. Implementation guide, templates, and program materials are available, including posters and wallet cards.

Worldwide Access

To meet the needs of companies engaged in operations around the globe, we offer 24/7/365 worldwide access.

Specialized Operators

Our staff is professionally trained and accustomed to dealing with caller concerns, stress, and frustration. There is never a need for callers to feel intimidated.

Multi-language Services

Our specialized representatives are available in English, Spanish, and over 140 languages with our interpreter services.

Independent Vendor

Research shows that when you offer independent third-party hotline services, your employees feel safer and are more likely to report concerns.

Easy-to-use Reports

You receive actionable incident reports via email, easy-to-understand monthly summary and ad-hoc reports, and quick access to every detail of each reported incident.

Report History

All your reports and supporting data are permanently retained and easily retrieved.

Data Security and Privacy Protection are a Top Priority

Security is a first-tier priority at Syntrio, as we understand the compassionate nature of information hosted on our servers. Syntrio HOTLINES has been chosen time and time again by customers with the most stringent security validation protocols, including central banks, healthcare organizations, and governments.

How We Ensure Your Security

Network Intrusion Protection

Providing dedicated real-time network intrusion protection, monitored 24/7

Disaster Recovery

Backing up your data in real-time to a geographically diverse disaster recovery site via a dedicated encrypted link

Tier 3 Data Centers

Keeping data exclusively on dedicated servers in Tier 3 data centers and cloud providers

Unauthorized Access Protection

Having default system and password protocols that guard against unauthorized access

Military-Grade Technology

Incorporating 256-bit military-grade web security and database encryption technology

SSL Certificate

Using an extended validation SSL certificate with 4,096-bit key encryption technology at our servers

Customized – Affordable – Secure. One Day Setup

Syntrio was acquired by Mitratech in January 2024, and is a global leader in governance, risk, compliance and human resource solutions helping more than 6,500 organizations make the workplace a better place. Easy, affordable and innovative Syntrio solutions include a robust employee experience platform and reporting hotline and more than 1,000 elearning courses in Employment Law, Ethics and Compliance, Diversity and Inclusion, Health and Safety, Business Skills and Cybersecurity. For more information visit